Terms and Conditions

In our PS Live_Terms&Condition V20.0 you find all the important information regarding band and artist bookings with PS Live UK.

PAT Certificate

A lot of venues will ask you to provide as PAT Certificate for the equipment that band or live act will bring along. Here you find the PS LIVE UK CERTIFICATE for our PA system and lights.

PLI Certificates

A band is not required to have public liability insurance in order to perform. Some have it, some do not. However all our bands posses a PLI Certificate. Please contact us in case you require the PLI Certificate.

Band Rider

There are two different types of rider the technical rider which is basically a list of equipment the band or live act requires to perform on stage and the band rider which is a list of little extras for the band and mainly includes food and beverage requirements. Here is our Standard Band Rider to download. 

Band Repertoire

All our bands and acts have a repertoire list for you to look at. You’ll find each repertoire on the dedicated live act page.