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I wanna dance with somebody…

Your first dance song is going to be one of the longest lasting memories of your wedding day!

According to the brides magazine the most popular or in other words the most played first dance songs in the year 2017 were by Ed Sheeren. Whether it is Tenerife Sea, Thinking out loud or Perfect- These chart hits were the ones to get the brides and grooms on the dance floor.

At PS Live we have started our very own First dance chart list and I have to say-Ed Sheeren also triumphed in our top ten.

But before we get to the Chart list here is a little guide or inspiration to help you choose your very own first dance song.

A personal choice

The first dance song is a very personal affair. Whether it is a song that you and your significant other danced to when you first realized you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together or it is  your holiday hymen for the past 5 years- for most people this song is the soundtrack of their relationship and has lots of beautiful and special memories attached to it.

Choosing this song as your first dance also means sharing your memories with your guests and beloved one.

As long as it gets you grooving

While for some people the first dance song may be a very emotional choice for others it is simply a matter of- what is our favourite singer or band  or what is our favourite song? In this case it is a simple decision to make. The same goes for those who just want a fun and nice song to dance to and maybe a choreography is planned, and the song simply needs to match the dance.

Different taste in music-different ideas

But what if none of the above is working for you? What if you have two completely different ideas of what your first dance song should be?

To make things easy, it’s always advisable to choose a classic first dance song. These tunes are timeless and you’re most likely to remember them fondly over the latest cheesy one hit wonder.  

Also, if slow dance songs aren’t really your cup of tea, you might want to increase the tempo a little bit with a faster number. A upbeat first dance song will mean your friends and family will want to join you on the dance floor sooner rather than later.

Whatever your angle may be- choosing your first dance song is an important part of your entertainment and wedding planning and if you are unsure of what song would suit you best I strongly suggest consulting PS Live Uk to help you through the process of finding the perfect song for you.

Important Fact/ Fun Fact

Most bands would require a 1 month notice in order to learn the first dance song as they may not know it or need to freshen it up. However every now and then the band recommends to have the original version played through a MP3 device. This may be because the song includes a string and brass section which the band does not provide or because the vocalist is a female and the range is to high for the male vocalist in the band and/or simply because the song does not sound the same when played live by the band (this is especially important for those couples who really want the song to be played as close to the original version as possible).

PS LIVE Top 10 First dance songs

Now that you have had the chance to think about which of the options above suit you best, here is our chart list for the most played first dance songs and our favorite ones of the past 2 years:

  1.       Ed Sheeren- Tennerife Sea (most played- not necessary our favorite?)
  2.       Baywatch theme song- I am always here
  3.       Luther Vandross- Never Too much
  4.       Guns and roses- Sweet child of mine
  5.       John Legend- all of me
  6.       Fleetwood Mac – The Chain
  7.       Fleetwood Mac- Everywhere
  8.       Joe Cocker- With a little help from your friend
  9.       Jack Johnson- I got you
  10.       Oasis- Champagne Supernova